Figgy Dowdy


 Figgy dowdy pudding was originally made on ships in the eighteenth century, using provisions kept on board during long voyagesFiggy Dowdy
Serves: 4- 6


450g Plain Flour
110g Shredded Suet
100g Sugr
115g Raisins
115g Sultanas
1 teaspoon of dry ginger
1/2 teaspoon of mixed spice
60ml Rum
180ml water




The evening before cooking place the dried fruit in a bowl with the rum and water and leave to soak overnight.

Place the dry ingredients in a large bowl. Strain the fruit and reserve the liquid. Mix the ingredients together well and gradually add the soaking liquid to form a stiff dough.
Form the dough into a large fat sausage shape and wrap in foil twisting the ends of the foil tightly together.

Take a steamer and fill with boiling water. Place the pudding in the steamer, cover with the lid and steam for two hours. Remember to check the water every 30 minutes to ensure it doesn't boil dry.


Ready Prepared
Crème fraîche.


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